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Car news without pics.

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Car news without pics. Empty Car news without pics.

Post by Tailhappy Sun Mar 08, 2009 1:43 am

We had a 1990 Miata unearthed from a garage where it's been for the past 4 years and brought into us last week.

Still has original tires.

And fluids.....

A couple dents and a little dirt on the carpet but this thing is MINT. It's gay blue and a 5-speed.

No, the lady ain't selling.

I have pics at work.

Our 2010 Mazda3's starting flooding in last week as well. No 5-doors yet, but we got a couple with the 2.5L and the 6-speed. Happy to report that if you DON'T get NAV, but still get the TFT info display, the gay door for the SD card is not there. MUCH cleaner looking. But I heart the NAV system on the new 3 (and soon to be on the new CX7). If you hate the car, just test drive it so you can ply with the nav controls on the steering wheel. BALLER.

In other news I spent the day at work not working for work but working on installing my junkyard find of strut assemblies from a 2005 WRX with 26K miles on my 1997 Legacy.

Yes they work, and yes the car is amazing with them on.

Now I need sway bars.

Again I have pics on the work camera. I may post them someday.
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