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Post by Honor Mon Jun 23, 2014 10:24 pm

How can you tell which wheels and tires will need fender tucking and rolling and which wont? I know what backspacing and offset are, I just have no idea how to look at wheel stats and tell if I will need to mod my fenders or not.
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Weels halp Empty Re: Weels halp

Post by Swerve Sun Jul 06, 2014 3:00 am

Forums. Unless you own an MR2 in which case I have an encyclopaedic knowledge (admittedly worthless due to a site called Gordaen's MR2 wheel calculator).

I'm sure I. The US even the largest wheels sold on a WRX allow clearance for snow chains. Even ignoring that, you really want to keep the same rolling diameter. If your current wheels are 17x8 +35, you would have no problem fitting 17x8 down to at least about +20 (1.5 cm more flush). Going wider with the same offset will make the wheels even more flush, but the width affects the other side equally, so you have to look at things like brake and suspension clearance.

The best thing to do is look on a WRX forum for any thread titled something like "aggressive wheel fitment". There will be a variety of sizes posted and heaps of comments about any issues encountered with those sizes. Because every wheel is slightly different (and half a mm can make a difference between rubbing and clearing) stay away from any setups where some people say they work and other people experience issues. Better to err on the conservative side.

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